My 2 cents on this holiday.

Ok first of all. This is my opinion. I dont wish to offend anyones belief system, but if i have to hear and respect, so do you. Is there copyright breech in the jesus story? i think so. First of all, the whole thing wasnt written down untill WELL over 2 generations after the events depicted by people who never even met the guy. Second, the EDITORS of the whole story were the very same people executed the main character and third his demigod status was not cast upon him until 300+ years after his death.

My ultimate point is that the MESSAGE in the jesus fable is timeless. Live in peace, labor out of love, and dont fuck with anybody because chances are you aint no saint yourself. I can so dig that. I can dig the bits about him rebeling against the established religious system of lapidation, and hypocrisy. I can dig him opening the relam of hope for otherwise outcasts of society, i can dig even that he may have died as a martyr for ideals we can all, and should all live by. What i CANT dig is the worship, the god status and the whole religious franchise that developed out of it. Just like i cant belive there is a MARKET made out of CHE GUEVARA. He was a fucking marxist rebel. How do you think he would feel if he new his face is being SOLD printed on cups and towels and fucking underwear? How do you think jesus would feel if he knew that the very people who he wanted to rebel against (THE ROMANS) were the ones that carried out the written tradition of his life? Id be really pissed off. What if the jews had no beef with jesus and dint want him crucified at all? What if the fucking romans just killed him right out and then changed the story with clever edits here and there to make it seem like the jews did it? Bottom line is WE, NONE of us were there. There when jesus lived, there when jesus was written about, or there when the SELECTION AND EDITING of the accepted and EDITOR APPROVED ROMAN FRIENDLY gospels took place.

In my opinion this is one of 2 things. Either a man named jesus christ really lived, and despite all the exagerations, manipulations and plain old distortion of the facts somehow his message got through. Or the fucking romans played a nice trick on all of us in the midsts of a political and social and religious revolution in order to bring order to an already collapsing social system. Either way i dont think this holiday is about crucifiction, resurection or any of that. I think this is a pagan fesitval of the change of seassons that has been updated to not be so embarassing. Like Xmas and the solstice. In the end were all still a bunch of sun worshipers too embarassed to admited and too stubborn to see things for what they are. Happy easter.


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i change the channel – rant

When the male bear is about to kill a cub, i change the channel

When the channel is mtv, i change the channel

When anyone is crying and there is dramatic violin music, i change the channel

When its a doctor drama or emergency room drama, i change the channel

When there is a singing competition, i change the channel

When there is a dancing competition, i change the channel

If i see julia roberts, i change the channel

If i see EWW grant, i change the channel

If its a show about some person with a deformity, i change the channel

If its some little brat bitching about her birthday,  change the channel

If its doctor phil, i change the channel

If its E entertainment television, i change the channel

If its any award ceremony for anything at all, i change the channel

If its a game show, i change the channel

If its on lifetime, i change the channel

if its got meg Ryan, i change the channel

when a commercial tries to emotionally blackmail me into buying some crap or using a credit card more often, i change the fucking channel

When any sport other then football (the one with the round ball and the foot only rule) is on, i change the channel

When football is on and its not the world cup, i change the channel

When CSI is on, i change the channel

When anything with paris Hilton is on, i change the channel

When a female singer is shaking her ass and showing more then she should so i stare at her… i watch for a bit, then change the channel

…there are several more. But i guess the point is made. I dont watch TV unless its an interesting documentary. Or Mythbusters.


Things so far

Submitted by peterwaffles on Mon, 02/22/2010 at 11:44pm. On chess. com

Its been ages since i write something. I’m not even sure i wont hit alt f4 and just go to bed. Its 11:23 and I’m doing my final rounds. One being this page. My other home page. Its face book and this thing. Facebook has chess, which i also check, but this page man. This page is were the fighting goes on. This page is where a cute female photo will get you 3 tons of attention and a photo of a fat vomited woman will get you none (pawnstar you truly rock). This page is where dreams are destroyed and some come true. Well in chess at least.

So I’m somewhat crawling out of another loosing streak. It had been a while since i went through one, and this one was devastating. I realized that all my bla bla about the numbers and stats not mattering was a load of bull. When i started seeing that number dropping like tiger woods pants i panicked. Now if it had been all about me gallantly losing in some sort of elegant fashion… but no. It started with forks. I swear in one day i had 4 or 5 forks. I kid you not, in total i FRKT up at least 20 times. I’m talking about here and in facebook. It was like i had a stroke in the part of my brain that handled fork prevention. The more i tried to be aware of forks the more STUPID they became. I dropped from 1295 to 11something in a heartbeat. It was horrible.

That was 2 or 3 weeks ago. Well, like my regular chess-buddies here, i play every friggin day. So i figured i would just shut up and play chess. You know whatever. Take every challenge and try to do my best. Then this site went INSANE on me. It started doing the whole TAKING AGES to load, which has gotten a bit better, and then all these group chess team match thingies came up all at once and all of sudden i was looking at 40+ games. Now this was better. It was like i had begun a new page. Im still screwing up, business as usual but at least im not forking up anymore.

Hey what do you know i did have something to say. Hmm… what else can i rip on? Ive seen some very interesting noticeable social behaviour here recently. Some interesting group dynamics of a very predictable nature. Now just so we are clear, everyone im playing against right now is my friend. Everyone that im playing right now and is in my friend list is my chess-buddy. Everyone that I’ve played more then 5 games against and is on my friendlist and i have currently a game in progress with right now, is my chess-buddy. Now if weve always had an open game since before XMAS youre a co worker. ahahahha.

My chessbuddies are great. These are usually people ive lost against before and i dont mind losing to. Sometimes they miss a beat and i take the opportunity. Most of the times its a downright fist fight. Here is to those people. The people not too cool to play with me. The people who i kung fu chess fight every day, the people who love to play chess no matter what crappy things are going on in their lives.

Im out of crap to say. Have a good evening chess-land.










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